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Celebrating 21 Years Leading Education

A world class school provides opportunities to gifted students coming from more than 54 countries. Our evolution recognizes values, knowledge and technologies. Since 2021, our group offer dual certification with elite schools from America, Europe, and Asia. Alliances with IBO schools combine the perfect sense of humanities, science and social studies for students from high school. 

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Our unique program offers them the best place in Texas for global education. For those who are part of our community, have access to online learning programs or Texan degrees with our customized learning programs. 


At the Woodlands Prep International School we are focused on vanguard educational programs that help our students to develop their talents and skills. They are committed to multiculturalism, tolerance, and inclusion because we prepare leaders for the future. 

A global learning experience

  • 2000 the year was founded. 

  • IB league Universities accept our students.

  • Students from more than 54 countries.

  • Undergraduate students are passionate with our learning experiences. 

  • Discover our original programs for summer too. 

  • Sports and athletics are considered for international certifications. 

  • MiniMBA programs in partnership with ABE. 

  • Cheer on our mass media and social media clubs!

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