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The Woodlands Preparatory School Online Dual Program allows students from any high school in any country to obtain a double degree. An American Baccalaureate Degree is an important advantage to start in any University and a solid background for a future professional career. In a completely globalized world, international education is a necessity rather than a privilege.

The students must take six subjects, History 1,2,3 and Math 1,2,3. Those courses allow them to get a USA High School certificate endorsed by Cognia, a certifying entity that guarantees educational quality. In addition to having a completely personalized platform with all the study material, homework, and exams, students have the weekly support of a subject tutor. The contents and teaching methods are constantly supervised by the Woodlands Prep Head and the international evaluators of Cognia.

We can also offer Counseling Services to help our students choose a university in the United States and guide them through the admission process step-by-step. The High School Diploma is valid in all the United States Higher Education system.

During their program the students will need to take, each academic year, two subjects in their program to cover the core of the international curriculum.

• The History Program will allow the students to get into the United States History, therefore also being introduced to the U.S.

   cultural environment. In this way, each student will be able to understand and become part of this vast culture. Contemporary

   History will also be part of their learning. 

• The Mathematics Program enriches the math program of the national curriculum that each student has by developing

   fundamental skills. They will learn Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus.

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  • Our fees include online courses available 24/7, face-to-face tutoring, an LMS platform, an enrollment process, and digital academic reports.

  • Monthly fee (10 payments): $ 80 USD.

  • Scholarships may be awarded to individuals who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, or exceptional talent in a specific area. 

  • Special prices for schools enrolling groups. 

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