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School for Technical, Corporate, Business English Proficiency

The demand for English language proficiency is part of our current reality. As we know, today it is not enough to speak a language from a tourist point of view, but corporations demand a mastery of the speaker on very varied topics that are specifically used in certain sectors of industry or commerce.

Faced with this new panorama and in order to cover the specific needs of each of our clients, The Woodlands Preparatory School has developed a training program in English that is carried out directly in corporations and/or companies and whose main component is to provide English language training in specific topics, for example, culinary, scientific, business, customer service topics in restaurants, hotels, airports, etc., among many others.

Thus, because the demand for time at work prevents the movement of employees to carry out effective training, we send qualified personnel to your company who have mastery of the vocabulary that your corporation requires.

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Our training programs are tailor-made, so that your staff can successfully achieve their objectives in the agreed times according to the needs of your company or business.

We have the ACTFL (American Council of the Teaching in Foreign Languages) Certification, an organization whose objective is to improve and expand the teaching and learning of diverse languages ​​at all levels of instruction; establishing standards in language teaching, methodologies, skills and certification at all levels. This certification is recognized in the United States and in many countries around the world.

We invite you to incorporate our services so that your company achieves its objectives and keeps its staff trained in the English language at a high level of communication.

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The Woodlands Preparatory School

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