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Join us and be part of a Digital Learning School Community.

Our mission and vision strive to engage all students to be thinkers, communicators, caring, principled, open-minded, balanced knowledge seekers, engaged in inquiry and reflection. The Woodlands Preparatory School guides both, parents, and students in how they can use the system to track their progress, set goals, and stay organized, fostering a sense of responsibility and engagement in our “culture of learning. Our main goal has been always to be known for our innovative programs and commitment to academic excellence. 

Meet our Director
Mr. Jorge Cervantes


We are committed to an ongoing practice of developing the skill sets and best practices to design institutional standards and practices to be in place to ensure that the culture for learning is established and maintained with global standards. The Woodlands Preparatory School is an international school, but we respect American Education by providing a high academic level. Our programs combine the best of the American Curriculum with a deep understanding of other cultures and traditions. 

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Watching Video Lecture

The Woodlands Preparatory School provides a personalized education that meets the individual needs of each student and their families. Our certified online high school is dedicated to offering quality education for students worldwide!

International teachers and a global staff are leaders with great experience in online learning and have the best knowledge of their subjects because they studied at Top Universities. All of them are bilingual and are used to satisfy customer relations. Our administration is based in The Woodlands, Texas. This city is ranked as the #1 place to live in Texas.  

10 Reasons to choose our school!

  • Quality in all our programs and certifications. 

  • Innovation in our online platform.

  • A unique selling proposition to create a worldwide learning environment.

  • Accessibility for all countries. 

  • English programs for High School students and multilingual certifications for everyone. 

  • Spanish programs are available too for those who are seeking American programs but need to be prepared in English to succeed in the American culture. 

  • Special programs for students who would like to make a balance between their sports career and academics. 

  • You will be engaged with our programs by developing your competencies, abilities, and talents. 

  • Exclusive programs that were designed from academic experiences, professional needs, and customer requirements. 

  • Excellence in academics with international teachers and professionals that will support the students and their families to achieve their goals.

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