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Our School

Our story began in 2000, when The Woodlands Preparatory School was founded as a college- preparatory day school for families seeking small classes with high academic standards and the our school transformed to an online high school starting in 2022.

The woodlands preparatory School
Smiling Student in Lecture

A vision of the future

With the commitment of an outstanding faculty, a wonderful community of supportive parents, and a group of talented, motivated students, we have embarked on a unique

educational adventure, creating a school unlike any other. We are creating a school where students can learn the skills and attitudes they need to be global citizens. This is the place for students who want to be the makers of their own futures and the builders of a better world.


Our identity relies on the following three major differentiators of the school:


WP strives for excellence.  We believe challenging academic activities, produce autonomous learners capable of constructing their own understanding of the world around them and ready to assume the role of entrepreneur, creator, and producer as catalysts for innovation.


WP creates an environment conducive to creating global leaders.  We help form leaders who venture into the world with interpersonal competencies and multicultural awareness, preparing them for success in a highly competitive globalized marketplace.


WP builds community. The starting point for the school’s future is to undertake projects related to financial, environmental and programming sustainability, WP sees itself as an institution committed to reflecting on and addressing current areas of improvement and engaging with all stakeholders on projects connected to creating innovative and challenging experiences for seniors.

Happy Student


The Woodlands Preparatory School’s Mission is to convene an international online learning community that develops students into leaders with integrity through rigorous academics, intercultural understanding, and service to humanity.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

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